Fixed Rate CD Deposit Options

We offer flexible savings options to fit a variety of budgets and lifestyles:

  • Open an account with as little as $250 and start preparing for their future college expenses today. 
  • Payroll Deductions (if your employer offers this service) allow you to have $25 or more deducted from each paycheck. 
  • Automatic Direct Deposit (ACH) allows you to set up transfers of $25 or more monthly from your local checking or savings account

Option Minimum Deposit*
Mail-In $250 Check
Payroll Deduction  $25 per pay period
Direct Deposit: From Your Bank $25 per month
Rollovers Permitted. Call: 1-800-888-2723
eChecks: New Account Existing  $250 Online
Make a Gift 
*Deposits under $250 are held in an interest bearing savings account. Each time your balance reaches $250, a CD purchase is made. To lock in the posted CD rate, you must open and fund your CD online. If you prefer to mail in a check to fund the CD, it will be opened at the highest available rate for the term selected when your check is received.

For more information, view the Fixed Rate CD Terms and Conditions.