What are my choices upon maturity?

The InvestorSure CD does not automatically renew. We will provide written notification at least 60 days before the Maturity Date. You must provide written instructions at least 30 days prior to the Maturity Date if you would like the proceeds upon maturity of the InvestorSure CD to be invested other than in accordance with the default action described below. If you provide instructions in good order, funds will be disbursed from your Account no later than the first Business Day following the Maturity Date.

If we do not receive instructions at maturity, we will take the following default action:
• CSB will automatically transfer matured funds into a CollegeSure Honors Savings Account until distribution or other investment instructions are provided by the Account Owner.
Alternatively, you may choose one of the following options at maturity:
• Transfer the matured funds to a 1-, 2- or 3-year
Fixed Rate CD; or
• Rollover the matured funds to another qualified program; or
• Take a Qualified or Non-Qualified Distribution of the funds.